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Does IDT have products for Next Gen Sequencing that are not platform specific?

IDT can synthesize custom adaptors, fusion primers, Multiplex Identifier (MID) sequences, and other workflow oligonucleotides for next generation sequencing (NGS). We supply both xGen™ Lockdown™ Probes (biotinylated Ultramer™ probes) and 200 pmole Ultramer DNA Plate Oligos for in-solution target capture to enrich known sequences within a genome. TruGrade™ Processing Service (request info) is also available to improve the accuracy of NGS, which increases bar code binning during post-sequencing analysis by up to 30X compared to competitor oligonucleotides. For more information about IDT NGS products, go to Next Gen Sequencing on the Products tab at www.idtdna.com.