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Why is coupling efficiency important in synthesis of my oligo?

Coupling efficiency is related to the amount of full-length sequence present following synthesis of your oligonucleotide.  If each base is added to a 50 base oligonucleotide with the industry standard of 98.5% coupling efficiency, less than half of the final product would be full-length sequences. IDT exceeds this level of efficiency with coupling rates of 99.2% for standard oligonucleotides and 99.5% for Ultramer® Oligonucleotides.  For the same 50 base oligo, this would result in greater than 67% and 78% full-length oligonucleotides, respectively.  A higher percentage of full-length oligos will help to reduce concerns over the efficiency and reproducibility of your experiments. See the DECODED article, Getting Enough Full-Length Oligo?, for data and a longer discussion.