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Scientific Publications Referencing IDT Products

Advantageous Properties of Dicer-Substrate Interfering RNA (DsiRNA) Enable Improved RNAi-Based Gene Silencing

Comparison of cononical siRNA design to DsiRNAs for performance in siRNA processing and RISC assembly, leading to stronger silencing efficacy.

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Double-Quenched Probes Increase Sensitivity of qPCR Assay Detecting Viral Load

Use of a ZEN™ Double-Quenched Probe results in a marked decrease in background fluorescence compared to an identical TaqMan® probe containing only a single quencher. The data suggest that such double-quenched probes may be a better approach for other qPCR probe-based assays.

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Decoding Cas9 Orthologs Using gBlocks® Gene Fragments

gBlocks Gene Fragments were used to create Cas9 orthologs as well as tracRNA expression cassettes for each ortholog tested.

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