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Competitive Edge
The IDT Advantage

IDT Competitive Advantage—Get Genes Quickly and Easily, Even from Australia

Dr J Guy Lyons, a senior hospital scientist (Sydney Cancer Centre, Sydney, Australia) and clinical associate professor (Sydney Medical School, the University of Sydney, Australia) recently did his own competitive analysis experiment by purchasing a gene construct from IDT and 2 competing companies (a 3rd competitor was out of his price range).

“I got the gene constructs made at the same time by IDT and 2 competitors. While the 2 competitors were cheaper per base than IDT, there were other charges incurred on those orders that increased the overall price of their final product,” noted Dr Lyons. He went on to say, “IDT also provided valuable information about the construct sequence in advance so that I could better plan my experiment. IDT made ordering easy, and was the fastest to deliver the gene construct.”
Dr J Guy Lyons, Sydney Cancer Center