Competitive Edge
The IDT Advantage

Decrease qPCR Background, Improve qPCR Signal

Data demonstrating that ZEN™ Double-Quenched Probes in qPCR assays provide increased signal detection and greater assay sensitivity than single-quenched probes, such as probes with BHQ Quenchers. ZEN™ Double-Quenched Probes also make it more feasible to use longer probes due to the resulting lower background fluorescence.

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Choosing a qPCR Assay: Inventoried or Predesigned?

Several companies offer inventoried qPCR assays that have not only been predesigned, but are also premanufactured and stocked, waiting for that order to be placed. In contrast, IDT PrimeTime Pre-designed qPCR Assays are not pre-manufactured and have undergone rigorous bioinformatics assessments using sophisticated design algorithms to generate the most efficient assays for a particular genetic region.

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Oligonucleotide Purity Among Suppliers

IDT is the only oligonucleotide manufacturer that offers a 100% QC guarantee, and provides product specific quality data free of charge on the customer’s online account.

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