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A biotin:streptavidin alternative for non-radioactive hybridization assays—Digoxigenin

Quick facts:

Availability: DNA or RNA

Location: 5' or 3'

Scales: 100 nmol-Large Scale

Purification: HPLC required

IDT Ordering Symbol: /5DigN/ or /3Dig_N/

Highlight Digoxigenin

Digoxigenin (DIG) is a small hapten that can be easily conjugated via an NHS ester reaction to oligonucleotides on their 5’ or 3’ terminus. DIG can be used together with a DIG antibody as an alternative to the biotin/streptavidin system, or could be used simultaneously when a multiplexed assay is needed. This modification is also commonly used in non-radioactive immunoassays, northern/Southern blot analysis, and in situ hybridization applications.

DIG-labeled oligonucleotides are monitored with anti-DIG antibodies. The interaction between DIG and anti-DIG antibodies is very strong, thus providing a sensitive assay that can be observed directly with fluorescence. In such experiments, the antibodies are fluorescently tagged. Alternatively, the interaction can be detected indirectly; for example, using an enzyme-linked immunoassay.

To order, select DIG from the 5’ or 3’ Mods tab on the oligo order page. Note that DIG-modified oligos require HPLC purification.

See what other modifications are available from IDT. You can find a list of standard modifications we make to oligonucleotides on the Modifications page of our online catalog. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, just send us a request. We often synthesize special, non-catalog requests. Contact us at noncat@idtdna.com

Product focus—Oligos, oligo modifications, dsDNA fragments

Custom oligonucleotides and primers

You can order up to 1 µmol desalted, custom synthesized DNA oligonucleotides and they will be shipped to you the next business day (larger scales are shipped within 5 business days). You can also specify whether to receive them dried down or hydrated, and whether you want them already annealed. Every IDT oligonucleotide you order is deprotected and desalted to remove small molecule impurities. Your oligos are quantified twice by UV spectrophotometry to provide an accurate measure of yield. Standard oligos are also assessed by mass spectrometry for quality you can count on.

Learn more or order now.

Oligo modifications

Review a list of the common modifications IDT can add to oligonucleotides here. Not finding a modification you need on the IDT website? IDT will consider any modification you need. Just send your request to noncat@idtdna.com.

Custom dsDNA fragments

Rather than annealing oligonucleotides to obtain dsDNA fragments, when your fragment size is 125 bp or longer, it might make more sense to order gBlocks® Gene Fragments. gBlocks Gene Fragments are double-stranded, sequence-verified, DNA genomic blocks, 125–2000 bp in length, that can be shipped in 2–5 working days for affordable and easy gene construction or modification. These dsDNA fragments have been used in a wide range of applications including CRISPR-mediated genome editing, antibody research, codon optimization, mutagenesis, and aptamer expression. They can also be used for generating qPCR standards.

Learn more about gBlocks Gene Fragments at www.idtdna.com/gblocks.

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Author: Jeremy Pritchard is a Technical Support Representative at IDT.

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