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Reduce Barcode Misalignment During Sequencing

TruGrade™ Processing Service

The TruGrade™ Processing Service is an exclusive IDT production process that reduces the risk of oligonucleotide crosstalk during multiplex next generation sequencing applications. Oligo crosstalk is a potential cause of barcode misalignment, which can lead to inaccurate conclusions by associating sequencing data with the wrong sample.

  • TruGrade processing of oligonucleotides used for barcoding reduces the risk of barcode misalignment during next generation sequencing.
  • Oligonucleotides processed using the TruGrade service reduce barcoding errors for both standard desalted and HPLC-purified oligos.

The TruGrade Processing Service is available for standard desalted Ultramer™ Oligonucleotides and HPLC-purified DNA oligos. Oligonucleotides processed using the TruGrade service are recommended for sample preparation that incorporates barcoded adapters for multiplex shotgun sequencing, and for PCR using barcoded fusion primers for multiplex amplicon sequencing.

To request the TruGrade Processing Service for your oligonucleotides, contact us at