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Fluorescent Dyes With No Licensing Restrictions—A Growing Portfolio

Freedom™ Dyes

IDT offers an extensive list of fluorescent dyes suitable for commercial and diagnostic applications. Freedom™ Dyes are fluorophores with no patent licensing restrictions from IDT or third party companies and include IDT proprietary fluorophores that are available for commonly used dye wavelengths.

Freedom Dyes include FAM, JOE, MAX, ROX, and TAMRA. The newly added dyes to the Freedom dye list are the ATTO™ Dyes. These dyes are patented fluorescent markers that feature strong absorption and sensitivity, enhanced photostability, and high fluorescence quantum yield. ATTO™ Dyes are excellent substitutes for VIC®, LIZ®, and Alexa Fluor® dyes.

Some Freedom Dye alternatives for commonly used proprietary dyes are shown in the table below. A complete list and more information about Freedom Dyes can be found under Modifications>Fluorophores on the Products tab of the IDT website.