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Easy resuspension and dilution of oligonucleotides

Free resuspension and dilution calculators—find them under the Tools tab on the IDT website (Figure 1)

Figure 1. Access the Resuspension and Dilution Calculators from the IDT Website.

The Resuspension Calculator (Figure 2a) determines the volume needed to resuspend a dry-shipped oligo for a desired final concentration. You can provide the input as nmole, mg, or as OD260 with MW or extinction coefficient (provided on the spec sheet sent with the oligo). Likewise, you can specify the units of final concentration.

Note: Be sure to enter the amount shipped, not the scale ordered, as synthesis efficiency and purification will decrease the ultimate amount of oligo you receive. 

A. Resuspension Calculator.

B. Dilution Calculator.

Figure 2. Select desired units from the (A) Resuspension and (B) Dilution Calculators.

The Dilution Calculator (Figure 2b) provides details on how to dilute a stock solution to a desired concentration. You are given a choice of input and output concentration units (molarity or mass per volume).
The Resuspension and Dilution Calculators are just two examples out of a suite of SciTools programs, provided for free use on the IDT website. Others include:
  • OligoAnalyzer® Program—Provides primer properties like Tm and GC%, and predicts primer loops, primer dimers, and primer-primer compatibility 
  • UNAFold Program—Predicts nucleic acid folding and hybridization 
  • Tools for selecting qPCR assays and DsiRNAs from a constantly updated library of designs 
  • Design engines for qPCR primers and probes, RNAi, Antisense, and LNA sequences

See our additional tools for designing, ordering, and handling oligonucleotides, target capture probes, qPCR assays, double-stranded DNA fragments, and small RNAs. Find them under the Tools tab on the IDT website at www.idtdna.com.

Product focus—Online Tools, Custom Oligos, ReadyMade™ Primers

Free online tools for oligonucleotide analysis and primer design

Explore IDT SciTools® Web Tools for free, online software for oligonucleotide analysis and for qPCR probe and assay design. The design engines for these tools use sophisticated formulas that, for example, take into account nearest-neighbor analysis to calculate Tm.

Custom Oligonucleotides

You can order up to 1 µmol desalted, custom synthesized DNA oligonucleotides and they will be shipped to you the next business day (larger scales are shipped within 5 business days). You can also specify whether to receive them dried down or hydrated, and whether you want them already annealed. Every IDT oligonucleotide you order is deprotected and desalted to remove small molecule impurities. Your oligos are quantified twice by UV spectrophotometry to provide an accurate measure of yield. Standard oligos are also assessed by mass spectrometry for quality you can count on. Learn more or order now.

ReadyMade™ Primers

ReadyMade Primers are stocked oligonucleotides for sample preparation, sequencing, and gene expression analysis of common genes, including 16S rRNA primers. Identity is confirmed by mass spectrometry and purity is established by capillary electrophoresis. Because these primers are prestocked, they can be shipped as soon as they are ordered and, therefore, provide a fast turnaround time.

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 RxnReady Oligos—Get Your Oligos Premixed!Have 2–6 standard desalted DNA oligonucleotides premixed in a single tube according to your specifications. This can be useful when performing multiplex PCR, or when generating sets of insertions or deletions through site-directed mutagenesis. 

Understanding Melting Temperature (Tm)Advice from our own Dr Richard Owczarzy on considerations for better oligo design: oligo concentration, salt, SNPs.

You can also browse our DECODED Online newsletter for additional application reviews, lab tips, and citation summaries to facilitate your research.

Author: Hans Packer is a scientific writer at IDT.

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