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Don’t lose expiring grant funds

OligoCard® payment cards let you use current grant money towards future purchases

If your granting period is nearly over, you may need to use remaining funds now so that you don’t lose them. Enjoy the full benefit of the research funding you have earned by purchasing an IDT OligoCard® payment card near the end of the grant period. Just as with a phone card, an OligoCard payment card gives you the ability to prepay your orders.

  • Prepay an amount that fit your needs
  • Add credit to your card online, while keeping the same card number
  • Monitor your balance by viewing your transaction history online 24/7
  • Be secure—each card has a unique number and PIN, and transactions are processed over a secure connection on our website

Order the oligos you want to order, when you want to order them.

Product focus—nucleic acid products generated from IDT oligos

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The OligoAnalyzer® Tool

Learn everything you need to know about your primers—Tm, hairpins, mismatches, and more.

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