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Get just the targets you need in NGS capture panels

Until now, when you wanted to sequence a subset of genes or loci, e.g., targets related to a specific biological pathway or disease, you either had to purchase commercially available probe pools or panels, or had to have a manufacturer synthesize a custom panel. Both of these options are problematic and expensive.

Fixed, off-the-shelf target capture probe pools and panels often include probes to targets that are not important for your research, requiring you to waste resources on sequencing and analyzing irrelevant data. Alternatively, these commercial panels may be missing probes to some of your key targets. In that case, you must order additional probes separately, and then determine how to add them to the existing panel to get uniform coverage, without compromising the target capture process.

Having custom panels that contain probe pools to just your specific targets manufactured has its own drawbacks: time for synthesis and delivery of the probe pools, costly price, and once you have them in hand, time and labor intensive protocol optimization.

But imagine being able to access stocked probe pools that target each human gene. You could select only the probes you want—already synthesized, assessed for quality, and ready/available to ship and already normalized, with an optimized, rapid capture protocol! IDT—renown for quick turnaround of high quality custom oligonucleotides, tens of thousands a day!—has now created a bank of probe pools targeting the coding sequences of each human gene. You can choose to pool the target genes you want and receive them in 7–10 days. Not only that, but you can get the individual gene probe pools in separate wells of a plate (Figure 1).

xGen Predesigned Target Capture Plates

Figure 1. xGen® Predesigned Target Capture Plates.

This means you can create your own combinations of specific gene probe pools, adding or removing those targeting a particular gene as you optimize your experiment. Plates of individual gene probe pools are also ideal for laboratories or core facilities studying multiple diseases, e.g., different types of cancer (Figure 2), which often have a combination of overlapping and distinct target gene markers. xGen® Predesigned Gene Capture Plates allow researchers to share the common genes and add disease-specific genes for each study.

Figure 2. Cancers often have overlapping target gene profiles. Target genes involved in Bladder Urothelial Carcinoma (BLCA) and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

Learn more about xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools and Plates.

Product focus: Other target capture products from IDT

xGen® Lockdown® Probes

xGen Lockdown Probes are individually synthesized, quality controlled, and normalized hybridization probes that offer:

  • Sensitive detection of SNPs, indels, CNV, LOH, and translocations
  • Available for clinical and diagnostics research
  • Use to augment existing panels or create completely custom panels
  • Quick delivery

Discover more about xGen Lockdown Probes.

xGen® Lockdown® Panels

xGen Lockdown Panels are preconfigured, validated, and stocked pools of xGen Lockdown Probes for targeted next generation sequencing of defined gene families:

  • xGen Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Panel
  • xGen Pan-Cancer Panel
  • xGen Inherited Diseases Panel

Discover more about xGen Lockdown Panels.

xGen® Blocking Oligos

xGen Universal Blocking Oligos for single- or dual-index adapters used with common sequencing platforms improve on-target performance for multiplexed samples by reducing adapter participation in hybridization enrichment. Custom adapters can be manufactured for other barcodes or to meet the needs of customers who require specific modifications or services to improve performance in unique applications.

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xGen® Blocking Oligos

Adapter blocking oligos increase the number of on-target reads by preventing non-specific binding during hybridization.

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