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qPCR probes—get the right scale at the right price

PrimeTime® Eco qPCR Probes provide a mid-range scale at a lower price per reaction

IDT now offers FAM-labeled, double-quenched qPCR probes at a mid-range scale for researchers who need 100–500 amplification reactions, without having to pay for a much larger amount of probe. The PrimeTime® Eco qPCR Probe is provided at 2.5 nmoles normalized yield, and is enough for approximately 500 amplifi­cation reactions. It is available only with a FAM/ZEN™/IBFQ® dye/ quencher combination. This double-quenched probe includes an internal quencher, the ZEN quencher, which provides greater background reduction and increased signal detection. For an example of how ZEN Double-Quenched Probes can improve real-time PCR data, see Figure 1, in the article, Two Quenchers are Better Than One!

* IBFQ = Iowa Black Fluorescent Quencher