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Blocking oligos for NGS target enrichment applications

xGen™ Blocking Oligos

xGen™ Blocking Oligos are essential compo­nents of the target enrichment process for next generation sequencing (NGS). During sample preparation, platform-specific adapters are added to all library fragments. These adapter sequences can interact with each other during hybridization-based en­richment, causing a daisy-chain effect, and thereby increasing undesired enrichment of off-target sequences. Blocking oligos, added during hybridization of the capture reagents, bind to the adapter sequences to prevent them from hybridizing to each other. Using high-quality blocking oligonu­cleotides enhances this effect and increases the number of “reads on-target”, a measure of the amount of sequence information that corresponds to the target region(s) of interest, observed after sequencing.

xGen Blocking Oligos are available at a defined yield of 10 or 25 nmoles and can be ordered using our intuitive online interface. Now you can easily:

  • Obtain a complete set of barcode- specific blocking oligonucleotides.
  • Replace individual oligos in an existing set.
  • Configure “universal” blocking oligos by incorporating deoxyinosine modifica­tions or degenerate bases.
  • Enhance binding efficiency by request­ing HPLC purification.
  • Add terminal modifications, such as a 3’ C3 Spacer, to prevent nonspecific ampli­fication of the blocking oligos.

Common xGen Blocking Oligo Sets

Illumina® TruSeq®

Illumina® TruSeq® HT

Roche 454 Adapters

Ion Torrent™ Adapters

For more information, or to order xGen Blocking Oligos, go to www.idtdna.com/xgen and select xGen Blocking Oligos, or email us at xgen@idtdna.com.

Other target capture reagents from IDT

xGen® Lockdown® Probes

xGen Lockdown Probes are individually synthesized, quality controlled, and normalized hybridization probes that offer:

  • Sensitive detection of SNPs, indels, CNV, LOH, and translocations
  • Available for clinical and diagnostics research
  • Use to augment existing panels or create completely custom panels
  • Quick delivery

Discover more about xGen Lockdown Probes.

xGen Lockdown Panels

xGen Lockdown Panels are preconfigured, validated, and stocked pools of xGen Lockdown Probes for targeted next generation sequencing of defined gene families:

  • xGen Acute Myeloid Leukemia Panel
  • xGen Pan-Cancer Panel
  • xGen Inherited Diseases Panel

Discover more about xGen Lockdown Panels.