IDT was founded in 1987 as a University of Iowa spin-off and is now the world's largest supplier of custom nucleic acids for research and diagnostic use.

Sustainability has been at the heart of IDT since its founding. Guided by an uncompromising approach to product quality, a belief in the value of customer service, and a determination to minimize costs, we have developed manufacturing methods that have resulted in a 20-fold decrease in the price of our custom nucleic acids over the last 20 years. We have achieved this by building machines that use smaller reagent volumes, reduce waste, and use less energy.

Our commitment to sustainability is detailed in our 2013 Sustainability Report, which focuses on three strategic goals:

Providing a Personalized, Consistent, and Streamlined Experience for Every Customer

We strive to exceed customer expectations for good service by enabling a fast and easy ordering experience, while providing efficient multilingual support and accessible business hours globally.

Disrupting the Market With Product Value and Innovation

We seek to build on our uncompromising approach to quality and commitment to minimize consumer costs by continuing to develop pioneering methods for nucleic acid synthesis and quality assessment.

Extending and Maintaining Our Unique Culture Globally

We realize that although science may be uniform, people are unique, so we strive to embrace the diverse personalities of our employees in all locations and improve lives in the communities where we operate.