IDT News Articles

IDT Accepting Applications for 2017 Sustainability Award—Funding to Exceed $50,000

IDT launches first Cas9 enzyme that drastically reduces CRISPR off-target effects without significant loss of on-target activity

IDT partners with Illumina for NGS library preparation multiplexing and target enrichment

Integrated DNA Technologies appoints LubioScience as distributors in Switzerland

IDT Sustainability Award Supports Biodiversity Research for Second Year

Integrated DNA Technologies acquires oligo manufacturing business of GeneWorks (Australia)

IDT first to market with complete Cpf1-based CRISPR genome editing system

Integrated DNA Technologies ships qPCR master mix at ambient temperature

Integrated DNA Technologies supports Brazilian research team’s biocontrol method for Zika virus

Integrated DNA Technologies Expands Global Sales Distribution Network

Takara Bio USA, Inc. and Integrated DNA Technologies Announce Collaboration to Support Targeted RNA Sequencing

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) Announces Platinum Sponsorship of International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition

Caribou Biosciences and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) Announce Non-Exclusive License Agreement for CRISPR-Cas9 Reagents

Sophia Genetics and IDT partner to create NGS solutions in routine clinical diagnostics

IDT delivers a complete solution for probe-based qPCR Assays

IDT acquires AITbiotech oligonucleotide business in Singapore

IDT’s xGen® Exome Research Panel delivers deep and uniform coverage in a single day

IDT launches new approach to CRISPR with proven increase in genome editing potency

Dr Patricia Tavormina named winner of first IDT ISO 14001 Sustainability Award

IDT offers MGB Eclipse® Probes and GMP probes and primers online for diagnostic applications