2017 IDT Sustainability Award

Apply now for the 2017 IDT Sustainability Award, aimed at advancing research that has the potential to make a global impact in the area of biodiversity.

Eligibility: Open to researchers in the United States and Canada in academic, non-profit, and government labs. Applications will be considered based on overall scientific impact, project feasibility, and the influence IDT’s genomics solutions will have on the project’s success.

Submission period: Applications will be accepted between October 9, 2017 and December 1, 2017.

Award: The first, second, and third ranked submissions will be recognized with $25,000, $18,000, and $10,000, respectively, in IDT product credit towards their proposed research projects. Winners will be announced in early January 2018, and a special awards ceremony will be held in spring 2018 in the greater Chicagoland area.

About the award

IDT established its Sustainability Award in 2015 to honor our San Diego, California, facility achieving ISO 14001 certification and to demonstrate the connection between our sustainability initiatives and innovative sustainability research being conducted locally. In 2016, we expanded the competition and made it a regional event.

For 2017, we are extending our reach again and opening eligibility to researchers in academic, non-profit, and government labs across the United States and Canada. As we have included more eligible regions, the quality, depth and volume of applications has increased. With this program, IDT advocates for science, providing a unique platform for recognizing and rewarding research that has the potential to make a global impact.

This year, we will once again focus on biodiversity research, an area of scientific exploration that has been historically underfunded. What is biodiversity research? It is the study of all living things—visible and invisible—including humans, plants, animals, microbiomes, and ecosystems. IDT understands the critical role of biodiversity in sustaining life on Earth. Through this award, we hope to spur advances in medical, environmental, and agricultural innovation.