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Update! gBlocks® Gene Fragments are Getting Longer

gBlocks® Gene Fragments are now available in lengths up to 750 bp, enabling assembly of a 1.4 kb construct using only 2 gBlocks Gene Fragments!

gBlocks Gene Fragments

gBlocks Gene Fragments are linear, double-stranded DNA that are synthesized using the same industry-leading, high fidelity syn­thesis chemistries developed by IDT for our Ultramer® Oligonucleotides. Prior to shipping, each gBlocks Gene Fragment is checked for accuracy by Sanger sequencing. Because of their industry-leading sequence fidelity, gBlocks Gene Fragments are ideal for a range of synthetic biology applications, including easy assembly of multiple gene fragments to reliably generate larger gene constructs.

For more than a year now, IDT customers have been using gBlocks fragments for assem­bling small to mid-size genes, such as for generation of immunoglobulin domains for recombinant antibody design or for human­izing antibodies. gBlocks fragments can also be used to create qPCR standards, enzyme substrates, and more. With the availability of longer gBlocks Gene Fragments, it is now easier to assemble longer synthetic genes, at an even lower cost. The possibilities for what you can do with gBlocks Gene Fragments are endless.

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