Freedom™ Dyes for Affordable Diagnostics

IDT offers license-free access to a variety of patented reagents vital to developing affordable diagnostics

Freedom™ Dyes are fluorophores with no patent licensing restrictions from IDT or third party companies.

  • License-free use in commercial or diagnostic applications
  • Proprietary IDT fluorophores are available for commonly used dye wavelengths
  • Includes fluorescein, Cy®, rhodamine, ATTO™ dyes, and others
  • Pair with IDT's ZEN™ and Iowa Black® quenchers for probes with lower background and higher signal!

New! Yakima Yellow® dye now available!

Freedom Dyes include FAM, HEX™, JOE, MAX™, TET™, ROX™, TAMRA, Yakima Yellow® and others. These dyes are fluorescent markers that feature strong absorption and sensitivity, enhanced photostability, and high fluorescence quantum yield. ATTO™ Dyes are excellent substitutes for VIC®, LIZ®, and Alexa Fluor® dyes.

To learn more, visit our Freedom Dye portfolio.