Mutation detection kits

Select from 2 mismatch endonuclease assays for mutation detection that are based on analysis of PCR products spanning your region of interest.

  • Save funding—only requires basic molecular biology equipment
  • Save time—easy to use and compatible with high throughput processes
  • Detect a wide range of mutations—get the information you need

Alt-R® Genome Editing Detection Kit

If you want to estimate editing efficiency or detect on-target editing in your CRISPR experiments, we recommend using the Alt-R Genome Editing Detection Kit, a T7 endonuclease I–based assay. This kit is ideal for directly analyzing PCR products (i.e., no clean-up step required) to detect multiple-base insertions and deletions.

Surveyor® Mutation Detection Kit

Surveyor Nuclease has been used to identify and analyze mutations in a variety of organisms and cell types. Surveyor Mutation Detection Kits provide an easy method for detection of SNPs, as well as single- to multiple-base insertions or deletions.