Surveyor® Mutation Detection Kits

Surveyor® Mutation Detection Kits provide a simple and robust method to detect mutations and polymorphisms in DNA. The key component of the kits is Surveyor Nuclease, a member of the CEL family of mismatch-specific nucleases derived from celery. Surveyor Nuclease recognizes and cleaves mismatches due to the presence of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) or small insertions or deletions.


  • Detect base-substitution and insertion/deletion mismatches.
  • In a single reaction, identify mutations in DNA fragments up to 3.5 kb.
  • Quickly determine the number of mutations by observing the number of cleavage products.
  • Detect 1 mutant allele out of 32 alleles in pooled samples.
  • Use with various analysis platforms.

New Packaging, Same Surveyor Kits

We have rolled out new packaging for Surveyor Mutation Detection Kits to reflect the transition of this product line to IDT. These kits contain the same components as the Surveyor Mutation Detection Kits previously sold by Transgenomic, Inc. Every lot is functionally tested to ensure quality, as described in the included certificate of analysis.

PCR products for analysis with Surveyor® Nuclease should be prepared with a high fidelity thermostable DNA polymerase, such as Optimase® Polymerase (Transgenomic), to minimize the incorporation of errors that would result in background mismatches. For standard assays, T-Taq DNA Polymerase can also be used.

3 sizes are available:

  • S25 (25 rxn)
  • S100 (100 rxn)
  • S1000 (1000 rxn)

Designed to detect mutations in DNA derived from a variety of organisms including bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals, Surveyor Mutation Detection Kits allow analysis by standard gel electrophoresis.

Surveyor Nuclease is provided as a standardized, quality-controlled enzyme formulation in a ready-to-use kit that can be used without further batch-to-batch optimization. All components except the thermostable DNA polymerase and PCR products are provided. Reaction buffers and positive controls included in the kit allow users to set up and monitor the assays to obtain reproducible results. In-depth Surveyor Mutation Detection Kit User Guides provide detailed instructions and troubleshooting.


The Surveyor® Mutation Detection Kit for Standard Gel Electrophoresis has been designed to cleave unlabeled DNA fragments at mismatched sites for subsequent analysis by agarose gel electrophoresis or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). DNA of 200 to 4,000 bp can be analyzed using manual agarose gel electrophoresis while smaller fragments (<1,000 bp) can be analyzed using manual polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE).

Surveyor Mutation Detection Kit for Standard Gel Electrophoresis

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Shipping and storage

Surveyor® products are shipped frozen. Store product at –20ºC in a non–frost-free freezer. Enzyme is guaranteed for a period of 6 months when stored as directed.

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Surveyor® Mutation Detection Kit for Standard Gel Electrophoresis

Figure 1. Accurate Detection of Mutations. Fragments generated by digestion of 160 ng of DNA with 1 μL of Surveyor® Nuclease S at 42°C for 20 min were analysed by electrophoresis on a 2.5% agarose gel containing ethidium bromide using 75% of the digested DNA. The 584 bp amplicons were generated by PCR amplification with Optimase® Polymerase (Transgenomic) from 1 wild-type reference and 3 mutant genes. Mutant 1 (#26): T>C—fragments = 242 and 342 bp; mutant 2 (#3): A>G and T>C—fragments = 135 and 449 bp, 220 and 364 bp; and mutant 3 (#13): single-base deletion, T>C, and C>A—fragments = 120 and 464 bp,170 and 414 bp, and 226 and 358 bp. A 100 bp ladder was run as a sizing standard.