PrimerQuest Video Tutorials

Create highly customized designs for PCR primers and qPCR assays

When You Need to Customize PCR and qPCR Primer Designs

It is often necessary to select primers using specific parameters; e.g., a particular GC content or Tm, forcing the start or stop position of a primer end. However, not all primer design tools provide this flexibility. In this interactive webinar, we demonstrate several primer customization scenarios using the free, highly popular PrimerQuest™ Design tool including:

  • When to use default design parameters, and when to customize assay design
  • How to design primers for one, two, or up to 50 sequences at a time
  • How to approach specific customized design scenarios suggested by and voted on by participants of this webinar

About the Speaker: Aftan Vander Zwaag

Aftan Vander Zwaag studied Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of Iowa and currently works as a Technical Support Representative at IDT, helping customers design and troubleshoot their experiments. She regularly conducts in-house training and contributes to the content and maintenance of the IDT website. Aftan has been directly involved in the development and testing of an enhanced version of the IDT PrimerQuest® Tool, recently released at