Oligos for molecular diagnostics

Understand the difference between Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 13485 certification and what these credentials mean for oligonucleotides manufactured for human diagnostics.

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G repeats—structural challenges for oligo design

Find out what G-quadruplexes are and how they can affect oligonucleotide synthesis and applications.

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DNA Oligonucleotide Resuspension and Storage

Upon receiving newly synthesized oligonucleotides, researchers must decide how to resuspend and store the product. Here are some guidelines and recommendations.

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Cloning Strategies Part 1: Assembly PCR for Novel Gene Synthesis

Single-stranded oligos or a mix of single- and double-stranded DNA are used to produce longer genes of up to several thousand bp.

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Oligo Modification—Post-Synthesis Conjugation Explained

Addition of NHS esters, and of Amino and Alkene mods through Click Chemistry. Common questions regarding post-synthesis conjugation are also answered.

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