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Isothermal Assembly: Quick, Easy Gene Construction

In a single reaction, isothermal assembly combines several overlapping DNA fragments to produce a ligated plasmid ready for transformation.

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Modification Highlight: Photo-Cleavable Spacer

How photocleavable spacers can be used in your research.

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Methods for Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Overview of the main techniques used for mutating specific gene construct regions.

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Modification Highlight: Phosphorothioates

Phosphorothioate bonds substitute a sulfur atom for one of the non-bridging oxygen atoms in the phosphate backbone of an oligonucleotide.

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Starting with RNA—One‑Step or Two‑Step RT‑qPCR?

When performing real-time qPCR, one has to decide whether to use a one-step protocol that combines the RT reaction and PCR in one tube, or a two-step protocol where the RT reaction is performed separately from the PCR.

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