Starting with RNA—One‑Step or Two‑Step RT‑qPCR?

When performing real-time qPCR, one has to decide whether to use a one-step protocol that combines the RT reaction and PCR in one tube, or a two-step protocol where the RT reaction is performed separately from the PCR.

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RNAi and DsiRNA: Pathway, Mechanism, and Design

RNA interference (RNAi) is a conserved pathway found in most eukaryotes where dsRNAs suppress expression of genes with complementary sequences. RNAi has become the experimental tool of choice for studying the effects of gene silencing.

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Time to go GMP?

The Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing (CCM) suite is a “facility within a facility” dedicated to the GMP manufacture of oligos for diagnostic use. The CCM suite services customers who need defined specifications or require control over manufacturing processes.

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How Biotin Became a Tool of Molecular Biologists

Biotechnology has an inclination towards co-opting nature’s most useful tools. The naturally occurring, extraordinarily strong bond that forms between avidins and biotin has provided a useful tool that has enabled numerous techniques that would otherwise be impossible.

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Understanding Mass Spectrometry of Oligonucleotides

Oligonucleotide synthesis is a complex process that requires more than one hundred sequential chemical reactions to make a single, 25-base sequence. Contemporary synthesis chemistry is robust and modern synthesis platforms are reliable and highly automated. Still, each oligonucleotide synthesized at IDT is evaluated for quality before shipping to ensure that the correct sequence was made. The best method available to assess compound identity in a high throughput environment is mass spectrometry (MS).

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