qPCR terminology—what does it mean?

Review these definitions of some of the most commonly used terms and distinctions encountered in qPCR experiments.

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Cloning strategies, Part 3: Blunt-end cloning

Blunt-end cloning is one of the easiest and most versatile methods for cloning dsDNA into plasmid vectors. It is easy because the blunt-ended insert requires little to no preparation. Read an overview of blunt-end cloning with tips for making this cloning approach successful.

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Photo-cleavable spacer

Modification Highlight: This modification can be cleaved by a specific wavelength of UV light, fragmenting an oligo or releasing a terminal modification, such as a fluorophore.

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Oligonucleotide modifications: Choosing the right mod for your needs

Learn about our broad family of oligonucleotide modifications, and get suggestions for selecting modifications that can help you in your research.

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The importance of Tm in molecular biology applications

Learn how to predict and select appropriate Tms for oligo hybridization steps, including PCR.

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