How Biotin Became a Tool of Molecular Biologists

Biotechnology has an inclination towards co-opting nature’s most useful tools. The naturally occurring, extraordinarily strong bond that forms between avidins and biotin has provided a useful tool that has enabled numerous techniques that would otherwise be impossible.

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Understanding Mass Spectrometry of Oligonucleotides

Oligonucleotide synthesis is a complex process that requires more than one hundred sequential chemical reactions to make a single, 25-base sequence. Contemporary synthesis chemistry is robust and modern synthesis platforms are reliable and highly automated. Still, each oligonucleotide synthesized at IDT is evaluated for quality before shipping to ensure that the correct sequence was made. The best method available to assess compound identity in a high throughput environment is mass spectrometry (MS).

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Modification Highlight: Dithiol Modifier

Thiol-modified oligonucleotides are used in attachment chemistry reactions to bind an oligo to a target. Targets are commonly gold, but can also include a variety of fluorescent and nonfluorescent moieties.

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Unraveling RNA – The Importance of a 2' Hydroxyl

On paper, the small structural differences between RNA and DNA may not look substantial but, in practice, these small differences have major significance for the biological role of RNA.

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Modification Highlight: Cholesterol-TEG

Cholesterol-TEG is available from IDT for both DNA and RNA oligos on scales from 100 nmole to 10 μmole. Because cholesterol is difficult to manufacture, it requires HPLC purification. To order, select Cholesterol-TEG from the modifications tab on the oligo order page.

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