NGS Target Capture Custom Panels—Determining Probe Number and Cost

The experimental design options that will determine the number (and cost) of probes required for an NGS target capture panel.

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Do Your qPCR Assays Come With Sequence Information? They Should. Here Is Why.

qPCR assays (primer & probe sets) from other suppliers are often provided without sequence information. IDT always gives you the sequences to the oligos you order. And that can be very important. Read why.

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Recommended Dye Combinations for Multiplex qPCR

Recommendations for selecting dyes for multiplex qPCR that minimize background and avoid overlap of fluorescent signals. Included is a table of compatible dyes for multiplexing on common qPCR instruments and a list of suggested quenchers.

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My Oligos Have Arrived: Now What?

Recommendations for resuspension and storage of newly received oligonucleotides.

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Designing PCR Primers and Probes

General guidelines for designing primers and probes and for choosing target locations for PCR amplification.

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