Get the most out of your NGS samples

Expandable NGS target capture panels that enrich for mutated genes implicated in tumors and genes associated with inherited diseases. Both panels return consistent results with high reproducibility and deep uniform coverage.

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Generate consistent, reliable exome sequencing results

Spanning 39 Mb of the human genome, the xGen® Exome Research Panel was designed to provide uniform and specific coverage of the coding regions for 19,396 genes. Easily and cost-effectively expand this panel to include specific non-coding target regions through addition of xGen® Lockdown® Probes.

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Product Spotlight: MGB Eclipse Probes for human in vitro diagnostics

Obtain MGB Eclipse® Probes for human in vitro diagnostic end-use applications. Selecting MGB Eclipse® Probes made by the IDT GMP manufacturing division provides you with complete process transparency and product traceability, in addition to consistent, reliable oligonucleotide quality.

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NGS Target Capture—Achieve Deeper Coverage and Better Uniformity

Preconfigured pools of probes each targeting an individual coding sequence (CDS) for all human protein-coding genes.

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Target Enrichment Protocol for Next Generation Sequencing

A protocol for Rapid Capture (4 hr hybridization) is posted on xGen Lockdown webpage (

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