NGS Target Capture—Achieve Deeper Coverage and Better Uniformity

Preconfigured pools of probes each targeting an individual coding sequence (CDS) for all human protein-coding genes.

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Target Enrichment Protocol for Next Generation Sequencing

A protocol for Rapid Capture (4 hr hybridization) is posted on xGen Lockdown webpage (

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gBlocks® Gene Fragments Ordering Tool

Easy tool for uploading or entering gBlocks Gene Fragments sequence requests, that also judges complexity, and allows you to edit the sequences on the spot.

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Longer gBlocks® Gene Fragments Make Gene Assembly Simple

Made-to-order, double-stranded DNA fragments up to 2 kb simplify cloning and mutagenesis protocols.

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Fluorescent Dyes With No Licensing Restrictions—A Growing Portfolio

Fluorescent dyes suitable for commercial and diagnostic applications and that have no patent licensing restrictions. A table of Freedom Dye alternatives for commonly used proprietary dyes is provided.

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