Need a library of related DNA or RNA oligo sequences?

Build variability into your oligo sequences by incorporating Mixed Bases. We offer mixes of multiple base types as well as nonstandard and modified bases.

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Increase the Tm of short, AT-rich primers and probes

Modification highlight: Add this modified base to increase the melting temperature (Tm) of primers and probes. It is especially useful when you need to work with short A-T rich sequences.

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Inverted bases

Learn how inverted bases allow you to reverse the orientation of part of your oligo sequence or add a 5-end restricted modification to the 3 end of your sequence.

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Improved target capture using xGen® Lockdown® Probes and Reagents with an optimized protocol

xGen Lockdown Reagents and new hybridization capture protocol for xGen Lockdown Probes and Panels reveal the increased potential of IDT target enrichment products.

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Getting started with Alt-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing

Webinar: Watch a recording of our webinar to learn about the components of the Alt-R CRISPR-Cas9 System, get information on designing Alt-R CRISPR crRNA oligos, and review the genome editing protocol from the user guide.

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