A Quick Guide to Ordering xGen® Blocking Oligos

Step-by-step guide to selecting and ordering Universal, Standard, and Custom Blocking Oligos. These sets of oligonucleotides bind adapters used in NGS target capture, reducing nonspecific adapter binding. Their use results in improved number of reads on-target and increased depth of enrichment.. Sets of Blocking Oligos are available for specific platform adapter sequences.

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Codon Optimization Tool Makes Synthetic Genes Easy

How recently updated IDT Codon Optimization tool simplifies designing synthetic genes and gBlocks® Gene Fragments for expression in a variety of organisms.

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Selecting qPCR Assays in Plates for High Throughput and Large-Scale Studies

Instructions for using the IDT ordering software for obtaining qPCR assays in plates.

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PrimerQuest® Design Tool: From Basic to Highly Customizable Designs

When and how to use the PrimerQuest Design Tool to customize primers and probe for a wide variety of qPCR applications. Examples show how to adjust reaction conditions, add a probe to a set of previously designed primers, define primer positions, and include or exclude sequences from the assay designs.

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