What are the ideal storage conditions for PrimeTime assay primers and probes?

IDT PrimeTime® qPCR assays are shipped lyophilized and contents may appear as either a translucent film or a reddish powder. Oligos can be stored in the dry, lyopholized state at -20°C. After resuspension, PrimeTime assay primers and probes should be stored at -20°C and protected from light. Freeze/thaw cycles should not exceed more than five per aliquot. To minimize freeze/thaws, the assay should be divided into aliquots of small working stocks (suspended in 1X IDTE buffer or deionized, nuclease free water) and stored at -20°C. Prior to use, all oligos should be thawed on ice, lightly vortexed, and spun down using a bench top centrifuge.

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