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Which size master mix and reporter mix should I get for my rhAmp™ SNP Assay?

rhAmp SNP Assays are offered in XS (100 rxn), S (750 rxn), M (2500 rxn), and LG (6000 rxn). The rhAmp Genotyping Master Mix and Reporter Mix are available in matched sizes, as shown in (Table 1). Use this information, and your total number of assays to determine the best size for your application. If you would like additional assistance, contact

Table 1. rhAmp™ Reporter Mix, with or without reference dye, matched to correct size rhAmp Genotyping Master Mix.

rhAmp™ Reporter Mix*
rhAmp™ Reporter Mix w/Reference dye

rhAmp™ Genotyping Master Mix matching size


25 μL

0.5 mL (1 X 0.5 mL)


250 μL

5 mL (1 X 5 mL)


500 μL

10 mL (2 X 5 mL)


1250 μL

25 mL (5 X 5 mL)


2500 μL

50 mL (1 X 50 mL)


* For use with real-time qPCR instruments that do not require reference dye.
† For use with real-time qPCR instruments that require reference dye.
‡ Number of reactions based on 10 µL reaction volume.

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