What is the difference between 27mer siRNAs (DsiRNAs) and traditional 21mer siRNAs?

Jul 30, 2013, 17:07 PM

Traditional 21mer siRNAs mimic the products of Dicer processing and therefore, when used in RNA interference experiments, bypass interaction with the Dicer enzyme. Dicer is a component of the RISC complex and mediates entry of the siRNA duplex into RISC. The 27mer Dicer-substrate siRNAs (DsiRNAs) are designed for optimal processing by Dicer and show increased potency by engaging this natural processing pathway. For more information, see the paper by Rose and Behlke: Rose S and Behlke MD (2013) Synthetic Dicer-Substrate siRNAs as Triggers of RNA Interference. In: Howard KA (editor) RNA Interference from Biology to Therapeutics: Advances in Delivery Science and Technology: Springer US, :31–56.  

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