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Do the positive and negative controls in the TriFECTa Kit include primers and RT-PCR materials?

The TriFECTa® RNAi  kit does not include primers or PCR reagents for quantification of gene silencing.

We offer, separately, primer sets targeting human or mouse HPRT for use in SYBR® Green–based qPCR assays to monitor RNAi function following transfection with the HPRT-S1 Positive Control DsiRNA. For other human, mouse, or rat targets, consider using a predesigned PrimeTime® qPCR Assay. For other species, you can easily design a custom PrimeTime qPCR Assay using our free, online PrimerQuest® Tool.

The TriFECTa® Kit includes:

  • 3 target-specific Dicer-Substrate siRNAs (DsiRNAs, 2 nmol each)
  • 1 negative control DsiRNA (NC1, which does not target any human, mouse, or rat sequence)
  • 1 positive control DsiRNA (HPRT-S1 DS Positive Control)
  • 1 fluorescent transfection control DsiRNA (TYE 563-labeled transfection control)
  • Nuclease-Free Duplex Buffer
  • DsiRNA
  • trifecta
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