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What is the Catalog ID # referred to on the Predesigned DsiRNA Selection Tool webpage and on my DsiRNA spec sheet?

The long DsiRNA Catalog ID # shown on the Predesigned DsiRNA Selection Tool webpage and on your DsiRNA spec sheet is the sequence identifier that IDT uses to track what gene the DsiRNA targets and the actual sequence ordered. Its nomenclature is designed to provide information about the sequence. For example, for the following:

                      Catalog ID # HSC.RNAI.N000546.12.6_2nm

The “HSC” indicates that it is “Homo sapiens common”, meaning that if there is more than one splice form in RefSeq, this sequence is common to all forms. One can also order “HSS” which is “Homo sapiens specific” to a single splice variant.

The “RNAI” indicates this is a DsiRNA product.

The “N000546” indicates the RefSeq gene accession number, which is NM_000546 (gene symbol TP53).  We cannot use “TP53” as an identifier because many if not most gene symbols have more than one gene (RefSeq entry) associated with them due to splice variants. Only the accession number uniquely identifies a gene, while the Gene Symbol identifies a family or related sequences; the accession number identified in the catalog ID defines which sequence in RefSeq was used to design the DsiRNA that was ordered. Gene symbols such as TP53 are ambiguous.

LOCUS       NM_000546               2591 bp    mRNA    linear   PRI 21-APR-2014

DEFINITION  Homo sapiens tumor protein p53 (TP53), transcript variant 1, mRNA.

The “.12” identifies which iteration of DsiRNA predesigned library was used for this sequence. Twice a year we update all the DsiRNA designs so that our library stays current with the latest version of RefSeq. This sequence came from the 12th version of the DsiRNA library. This information is needed to uniquely identify the sequence ordered,  so that it can be easily and correctly reordered without the need for manual sequence input.

The “.6” denotes that this was the 6th duplex in the list of 10 predesigned duplexes ordered.  Everything from “.1” to “.10” can be ordered, and this identifies which DsiRNA in the predesigned library was ordered.

The “_2nm” indicates that a 2 nmole yield was ordered.

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