Planning and Executing In Vivo siRNA Experiments

Functional analysis by mRNA knockdown using siRNAs is now routine in many molecular biology labs. However, many RNAi-related experiments fail due to diversion from simple, good practices. In this webinar, Dr. Garrett Rettig reviews the steps leading to successful siRNA experiments, including: 

  • Understanding the target transcript
  • siRNA selection
  • Choosing the cell type 
  • Validating the assay
  • Including appropriate biological controls

About the Speaker:

Dr. Garrett Rettig is a Research Scientist in Molecular Genetics at Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT). He received a bachelor's degree in biology from Wartburg College and a PhD in Pharmacy -- Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Iowa where he studied synthetic peptide delivery systems for plasmid DNA and siRNA both in vitro and in vivo. At IDT, Garrett has been involved in high-throughput screening of siRNAs in vitro, and has recently co-authored a comprehensive review on siRNA in vivo published in Molecular Therapy.