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Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT)

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IDT will be at AGBT 2020 this year with new product information, cool giveaways, a sweet poolside suite, and more. This year, AGBT celebrates 20 years as the preeminent genome science and technology conference for top global researchers, leaders, and innovators.

Visit IDT in Suite 287 and 288 and talk to an expert!

Learn why top sequencing companies choose IDT and why IDT scores high in customer service, especially for our NGS products and services such as xGen™ Prism DNA Library Prep Kit, xGen Exome Research Panel v2, and NGS Discovery Pools.

Facing a tough challenge in the lab? Have questions about our products? We’d love to help! Sign up for a one on one with an IDT expert while you’re at AGBT.

Monday, February 24, 2020

10:20–11 am
Lanai Suite 288

  • Creative genomics: Aligning the right tools with your questions to yield results
    Bob Fulton, MS, Director of Technology Development, The McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University
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    The McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI) has a long history as a leader in genomics research. As part of the IDT’s Align Preferred Sequencing Provider program, MGI is available to contribute an array of capabilities to the broad genomics community. This presentation highlights some of the abilities of MGI including library construction, target enrichment and sequencing, with examples of creative approaches to solve genomic questions.

1:30–3 pm
Calusa and Banyan Ballroom Foyers (Level 1 and 3)
Poster Presentations

  • A complete automation and reagent workflow for analysis of cfDNA: from plasma to variants
    Poster 511
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  • CRISPR-Cas9 edited, off-the-shelf, virus-specific T-cells treating viral infection in the immunocompromised patient
    Poster 515
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5:30–7:15 pm
Calusa Terrace
Women’s Networking Event
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  • Join us for cocktails to network and talk shop.  Stop by our terrace booth to pickup your refillable (hint hint) lowball tumbler.

9:30 pm–2 am
Lanai Suites 287 & 288
Passport to Prizes 
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  • Get your passport stamped, socialize with IDT employees, and enjoy unlimited beer, wine, and appetizers. Our company president will be there and you can get your selfie printed on a t-shirt alongside the likes of Marie Curie, Gregor Mendel, Rosalind Franklin, Joseph Walder, and Francis Crick.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

10:20–11 am
Lanai Suite 288

  • Uniform PTA derived single cell exome capture and analysis
    Chad C. Locklear, MS, Chief Commercial Officer, BioSkryb
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    Single cell sequencing technologies have demonstrated accelerated improvement within the past decade. Here we describe a new coupled method (augment WGA & exome hybrid capture) for interrogating all coding sequences of the human genome at single-cell resolution in parental and resistant MOLM13 human cell lines. Additionally, significant improvements in whole genome amplification (WGA) methods would enable new types of basic and applied biomedical research, including studies of cellular genetic diversity that require more accurate single-cell genotyping.  Here we present primary template-directed amplification (PTA), a new isothermal WGA method that reproducibly recovers >95% of the genomes of single cells in a more uniform and accurate manner than existing approaches, resulting in significantly improved variant calling sensitivity and specificity

  • Targeted Single Cell Gene Expression from 10x Genomics
    Katie Pfeiffer, PhD, Staff Scientist, Molecular Biology, 10x Genomics
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    10x Genomics’ Single Cell Gene Expression and Single Cell Immune Profiling products allow users to profile gene expression, cell surface antibodies, CRISPR perturbations, immune repertoire, and TCR and Ig antigen specificity, in tens to hundreds of thousands of single cells. As the single cell genomics field seeks to scale up experiments, whether in profiling large cohorts of patients, examining genome-wide CRISPR perturbations, or screening libraries of compounds, the high cost of sequencing becomes a barrier.
    10x Genomics has developed target enrichment reagents to enable customers to focus their research on genes of interest, while decreasing the cost of sequencing by up to 90%. In this presentation, we will introduce the panel content that will soon be available directly from 10x Genomics, as well as describe our approach to customization, both in supplementing content with genes of interest, and in building fully custom panels. Additionally, we will discuss how we leveraged IDT’s NGS Discovery Pool product in the development of this product.

Calusa and Banyan Ballroom Foyers (Level 1 and 3)
Poster Presentations

  • Enabling personalized biomarker discovery in challenging oncology samples by coupling a novel library preparation chemistry with hybridization capture
    Poster 214
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  • Using the rhAmpSeq™ Sample ID panel spike-in for accurate sample tracking and identification in an amplicon-based next generation sequencing workflow
    Poster 308
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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

10:30–11:10 am
Lanai Suite 288

  • SOPHiA Accuracy in Exome Variants Analysis
    Emily Paul, PhD, Subject Matter Expert Director (North America), SOPHiA GENETICS
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    While becoming more affordable and widely used, exome sequencing still presents big technical challenges, including data analysis and interpretation. To overcome these challenges, SOPHiA GENETICS joined forces with IDT by bundling IDT’s reagents with the SOPHiA Platform. SOPHiA accurately analyses complex NGS data and detects multiple types of genomic variants including SNVs, Indels, and CNVs simultaneously. Dedicated features in the SOPHiA Platform, such as Familial Variant Analysis, reduce turnaround time by narrowing detected variants down to the most relevant ones. Additionally, the integration of ACMG guidelines facilitates pathogenicity assessment.

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February 23-February 27, 2020


Marco Island, FL, USA

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