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Streamline Single Cell Studies with Targeted Gene Expression

On-Demand Webinar | Duration: 48 minutes

In the world of genomics, collaboration is key to accelerating research and discovering potentially life-altering insights. In this new webinar, “Streamline Single Cell Studies with Targeted Gene Expression,” experts from 10x Genomics will show you why these fully customizable panels are on many researchers’ radars.

Here are three ridiculously great reasons why you should watch this webinar:

  1. Verified: 10x Genomics has verified and recommended IDT’s protocols for high-performing custom panels for targeted gene expression.
  2. Efficiency and cost: This targeted gene expression method radically increases efficiency and lowers overall costs.
  3. Scalability and reduced burden: As you scale your experiments, you can focus on the most relevant pathways and genes to reduce your sequencing burden by up to 90%.

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July 15, 2021