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IDT at AMP 2023 Annual Meeting

We can’t wait to see you at AMP 2023! Stop by booth #1521 to talk to our experts about how IDT can help you accelerate the pace of genomics.

During the event, we have many exciting new solutions, products, and enhancements to share, including:

Oncology research solutions:

Archer NGS Assay Solutions

  • Solid tumor and blood cancer profiling assays fit for your research
  • Now available: Liquid reagents for high-throughput automated library prep, plus expanded content panels including tumor mutational burden (TMB) for comprehensive solid tumor profiling
  • Customizable panel content when you add any of our functionally-tested designs or create a new panel that fits your exact requirements

xGen™ NGS solutions

  • xGen Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) offering a complete sample preparation workflow including custom MRD hybridization capture panels delivered quickly and affordably
  • xGen cfDNA & FFPE DNA Library Prep Kit v2 empowers you with highly complex variant identification from degraded and low-input research samples
  • xGen Methyl-sequencing utilizing Adaptase™ technology efficiently captures bisulfite-converted ssDNA molecules into library molecules for epigenetic research studies—resulting in uniform and comprehensive genome coverage

Custom oligos

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Industry leading quality
  • Easy ordering

Oncology research starts here. We’ll help.

Infectious disease solutions:

Custom oligos

  • Custom services

xGen NGS

  • xGen Respiratory Virus Amplicon Panel consists of primers designed to cover >98% of the RSV A, RSV B, Influenza A H1N1, Influenza A H3N2, Influenza B, and SARS-CoV-2 genomes, while maintaining genome coverage from as low as 10–100 viral copies
  • xGen Custom Amplicon Panels designed for your genes of interest featuring a simple 2.5-hour workflow and super amplicon technology
  • Automation friendly solutions to save costs and time in the lab

Identify the unidentified. We’ll help.


  • Tumor Mutational Burden Quantification Using Small and Moderate Sized Targeted Anchored Multiplex PCR Panels and Next Generation Sequencing
    Presenter: Glen Bjerke, PhD
    Poster Number: ST092
    Presented Nov 17, 9:15-10:15 am

Other happenings

Stop by our booth to see how to design your own Archer NGS panel with the Assay Marketplace design tool.

Featured products

Event information


November 14–18, 2023


Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Booth 1521