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The CRISPR Medicine Conference 2024

Join us at The CRIPSR Medicine Conference 2024, in Copenhagen on 23-25 April.

Visit us at booth #B1S to experience the future of CRISPR genome editing! Explore our complete design-to-analysis workflow solutions that are crafted to empower your CRISPR genome editing research. These solutions were designed to save you time and increase efficiency.

IDT’s Ashley Jacobi will host a talk within the Industry Sponsored session titled End-to-end tools and services for interrogation of CRISPR-Cas associated genotoxicity.

Ashley currently leads the Genomic Medicine & CRISPR Application Development team at Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT). She received her molecular genetics and biochemistry degree from Cornell College in 2006. Ashley has since spent the last 17 years holding several roles in research and product development teams at IDT. She has conducted research in RNAi and antisense oligo technologies, and more recently has been focused on studying CRISPR gene editing, which has included high-throughput screening of CRISPR-Cas guide RNAs, optimizing the composition and delivery of synthetic RNA reagents complexed to recombinant CRISPR nucleases, and developing analysis solutions to understand the genetic outcomes following CRISPR gene editing.

Come visit our scientific poster presentations.

Garrett Rettig, PhD, will present two posters duringt the conference: Nomination of genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 cleavage activity using rhAmp technology and Enabling CRISPR-Cas associated research through guide RNA manufacturing solutions.

Garrett is the senior director of product development in the Molecular Genetics Research department at Integrated DNA Technologies. During his time at IDT, Garrett has been a lead scientist on various RNA knockdown projects—particularly high-throughput screening of siRNAs and chemical modifications thereof. For the past six years, the focus of the team has shifted to improving methods and developing new technologies for CRISPR-mediated genome editing. In particular, Garrett's work in this area has had an emphasis on assessing editing with NGS applications.

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April 23–25, 2024


Central Europe Standard Time


Halmtorvet 11
København, Denmark

Visit IDT at booth B1S