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IDT launches modular NGS gene capture pools

Oct 16, 2014

Coralville, IA—16 October, 2014—Integrated DNA Technologies today announced the introduction of xGen® Predesigned Gene Capture Pools and Plates. These modular gene capture probes are the latest addition to IDT’s growing portfolio of high quality, customizable next generation sequencing products.

xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools and Plates are ideal for creating customized target capture panels for enrichment of 10 or more genes or for enhancing the performance of existing panels. Predesigned Gene Capture Pools and Plates are ideal for scientists who need to reduce the cost of their NGS experiments without sacrificing quality and specificity. xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools are available for the coding regions of any human RefSeq gene and are delivered premixed in tubes or in individual plate wells for selective mixing.

NGS target capture technologies have previously been available mostly as either fixed, off-the-shelf probe pools or panels that do not always meet experimental needs or expensive custom panels. With xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools and Plates, researchers and core labs can now generate relevant, custom gene panels in-house. Individual and core labs can also distribute the cost of custom target capture panels by ordering the probes in plates and mixing genes as necessary for each researcher. This customization allows smaller starting volumes per panel, resulting in less waste.

Rami Zahr, NGS Product Manager at IDT, said, “With xGen Predesigned Capture Gene Pools and Plates, researchers will not have to choose between ability to customize and cost. Additionally, they will be able to get the relevant sequencing data they need more efficiently. This product represents another step made by IDT toward making sequencing more affordable and more practical for a wider range of applications.”

xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools will be presented at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) meeting, taking place in San Diego, CA, USA, October 18–22, 2014. Dr Zahr will give a talk titled, "Superior Sequencing Coverage and Uniformity in Affordable Gene Panels That You Can Customize", in the Exhibit Theater on October 20 at 12:45 pm.

Download the information sheet for xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools.

We are now accepting beta testers for this product. To receive more information about xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools when they become available, sign up now.

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