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IDT launches gBlocks™ HiFi, improving on industry-leading products for synthetic biology

Jun 23, 2020
Quality and Fidelity: New double-stranded DNA fragments are ideal for accelerating research across applications and disciplines

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CORALVILLE, Iowa (June 23, 2020)Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), a leading comprehensive genomics solutions provider, announced the launch of gBlocks™ HiFi Gene Fragments. The industry-leading quality of these double-stranded DNA fragments make them an ideal solution for everything from traditional cloning to the assembly of large constructs. gBlocks HiFi Gene Fragments are especially beneficial for synthetic biology applications such as pathway development and microbe design, and can benefit research across numerous disciplines from pharmaceutical development to agricultural biology.

gBlocks HiFi Gene Fragments allow researchers to drive projects to completion faster without sacrificing quality or budget. The new gene fragments are a high purity product with an error rate of less than 1:12,000 bp.  These Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-verified DNA fragments are available at lengths between 1000-3000bp. The consistent fidelity and quality of gBlocks HiFi Gene Fragments allows researchers to build large gene constructs and avoid the introduction of unwanted mutations in their sequences. Researchers can therefore pick 50% fewer colonies to find their gene or pathway of interest, saving time and costs.

“IDT revolutionized the way scientists ordered custom gene content in 2012 with the introduction of gBlocks HiFi Gene Fragments,” said IDT President Trey Martin. “The new gBlocks HiFi Gene Fragments are the latest advancement of our relentless effort to continuously improve the quality, speed, and cost of all IDT products to enable new breakthroughs. The fidelity of these fragments leads the industry, and should enable larger and more complex assemblies in all the different systems our customers are developing.”

gBlocks HiFi Gene Fragments expands IDT’s portfolio of double-stranded DNA fragments, which also includes eBlocks™ Gene Fragments and gBlocks Gene Fragments. To date, more than one million gBlocks sequences have been manufactured for use in applications such as antibody research, CRISPR-mediated genome editing, and enzyme development. 

Ordering Information
gBlocks HiFi Gene Fragments have a reliably fast turnaround time of 6-10 business days. Ordering all gBlocks products is fast and easy through the use of IDT’s gBlocks Gene Fragments Ordering Tool, which is user-friendly for uploading and entering gBlocks sequence requests. The tool tests for complexity and allows users to directly edit sequences on the spot. 

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