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IDT-Argonaut MS partnership

In July 2019, IDT and Argonaut Manufacturing Services began co-marketing a full-service pipeline for custom lyophilized reagents. This partnership pairs IDT’s comprehensive reagent offering with Argonaut’s lyophilization services and downstream shipping logistics. Customers are now able to design and order custom lyophilized IDT reagents in a variety of user-friendly formats, including unit-dose beads. These beads help to eliminate small-volume pipetting errors because they are lyophilized in multi-well plates, making them ideal for high-throughput sequencing applications.

The IDT-Argonaut collaboration offers customers a streamlined, trusted solution for custom lyophilized reagents. In addition, lyophilization reduces the need for expanded polystyrene (EPS) containers (generically referred to as “styrofoam”), which are often used to ship temperature-controlled products. EPS is difficult to recycle and bulky for its weight, resulting in large landfill buildup [1].

  1. Why New York banned polystyrene foam. BBC News. BBC; 2015.

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Argonaut MS: Lyophilization of IDT reagents


Ready-to-use product


  • No cold chain shipping or storage
  • Individual portions
  • Automation and high throughput-ready
  • No pipetting
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