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Are there any special requirements for the handling and storage of my labeled probes?

Labeled probes should, for the most part, be handled in the same fashion as other custom oligonucleotide sequences. We recommend resuspending probes in TE buffer. Nuclease‑free water can be used, although it can limit shelf life. Ideally, for each resuspended probe, a stock is created and aliquots are frozen. We recommend storage at –20°C as we have seen the best results from our stability studies at this temperature. In addition, while fluorescently-labeled sequences do not necessarily need to be stored in amber tubes, you want to avoid potential sources of UV light. This is best done by not leaving the oligonucleotides out on a bench top when not in use. Labeled probes stored at –20°C in TE buffer or as lyophilized pellets should be stable for up to 24 months.