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Find an Interesting Reagent? Save it Now!

Create a Wish List

Ever stumbled across an oligonucleotide or qPCR assay proven successful by other researchers—you would like to try it in your experiments, but you weren’t quite ready to order? Or wanted to have reagents ready and waiting when you return from vacation?

A permanent list. Just like other online ordering websites, IDT offers a wish list feature that allows you to hold items for later ordering. While unordered items placed in the shop­ping cart expire after 2 weeks, items in the wish list are saved indefinitely.

Adding items. To use the wish list, you just need an IDT user account. Place items on your wish list by ordering as usual. Click on “Add to Order” or “Add to Wish List” (depending on the options on the page). If you “Add to Order”, instead of checking out, click “Save to Wish List” in your cart.

When you are ready to order. Reach your wish list from the Order menu on any IDT web page. When you are ready to order specific items, just check them on the “Saved Items” list and click “Order Checked Items”. The items will then move to your cart.

Find something interesting? Save it now! So there is no need to delay your search until you need a product from IDT; just add interesting products or oligo sequences to your wish list as you come across them, and then place your order when you are ready. You can even share your account details with a colleague or the person in your lab responsible for placing orders. They can then access your wish list and have reagents ready when you need them.