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200 pmol Ultramer® DNA Plate Oligo

IDT proprietary synthesis systems and chemistries allow high-fidelity synthesis of very long oligonucleotides. These Ultramer® oligonucleotides are suitable for demanding applications such as cloning, shRNA, mutagenesis, and gene construction. The effort and time required for these demanding applications can be greatly reduced by having entire target fragments synthesized as Ultramer oligos. These oligos have been available from IDT at 4 and 20 nmole amounts.

For customers who require large numbers of long oligonucleotides synthesized at low scales, IDT now offers 200 picomole Ultramer® DNA Plate Oligos. This size is ideal for library production, target capture, and gene construction.

Features of 200 picomole Ultramer® DNA Plate Oligos:

  • Available for 45–120 base oligonucleotides
  • Normalized; dry or resuspended at 2–10 μM in IDTE, pH 7.5.
  • Sequence fidelity of each Ultramer oligo is established by electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry; traces are accessible in customer accounts on the IDT website
  • Supplied in 96- or 384-well plates, enabling automation and high-throughput techniques

To order 200 picomole Ultramer® DNA Plate Oligos:

Upload or copy and paste your sequences into the plate configurator on the IDT website at A minimum of 288 oligonucleotides is required per order.

Update (June 2013): 200 picomole Ultramer DNA Plate Oligos are now available up to 200 nt.