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MicroRNA Discovery: Solutions for Isolation & Sequencing

miRCat™ Small RNA Cloning Kit

As the regulatory breadth of miRNAs and other small RNAs becomes more established, many researchers are looking for tools that will aid in their discovery and isolation. The most direct approach for identifying these short sequences utilizes linkers attached to the 5’ and 3’ ends of miRNAs, which allow for cloning and sequencing. It is widely acknowledged that cloning efficiency is greatly improved when the linkers are pre-activated by adenylation [1].

To facilitate the cloning of small RNAs, IDT offers the miRCat™ Small RNA Cloning Kit. The miRCat kit has been specifically developed to isolate miRNAs in the most efficient manner possible in order to make the best use of the limited quantities of this precious material.

Further, the miRCat™ cloning kit includes an option to prepare miRNAs for 454 sequencing and the miRCat-33™ protocol for 5’ ligation–independent small RNA cloning [2], which is useful for small RNAs without a 5’ phosphate group. Also available are three ready-made linker oligonucleotides pre-activated at the 5’ end and blocked at the 3’ end with a dideoxy-C (ddC), each containing different cloning sites for increased experimental flexibility.


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Brendan Owens is Assistant Manager of Technical Support at IDT.