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Cloning—Ultramer® Oligos vs. Standard Oligos

Molecular cloning of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) is an essential tool in molecular biology for creating and archiving high-fidelity copies of DNA, and for using cloned sequences in a variety of experimental applications. Purchasing synthetic DNA is an advantageous approach to cloning that allows researchers to get the exact, user-defined sequence they need, and will usually save them both time and money. IDT offers a range of products and services to facilitate cloning, from individual oligonucleotides to complete synthetic genes.

IDT Ultramer oligonucleotides range from 45 to 200 nt in length and represent the highest fidelity oligonucleotides available, with coupling efficiencies near 99.7%. This unmatched coupling efficiency leads to oligos with accurate sequences that are ideal for demanding cloning applications. Long oligonucleotides make it easy to add or delete sequence elements using a variety of cloning methods, including creating dsDNA inserts by annealing complementary oligonucleotide sequences and PCR-based methods, and degenerate bases can be used to mimic SNP locations or randomly occurring mutations.

For ordering information, please visit www.idtdna.com. Also read about gBLocks® Gene Fragments—sequence-verified gene fragments up to 500 bp—as an alternative to Ultramer oligonucleotides in the articles: A Next Generation Understanding of Immune Response and Assembly PCR for Novel Gene Synthesis.

Author: Aftan Vander Zwaag, BS is a Technical Service Representative at IDT.