gBlocks® Gene Fragments Ordering Tool

Easy tool for uploading or entering gBlocks® Gene Fragments sequence requests, that also judges complexity, and allows you to edit the sequences on the spot.

The speed at which researchers need to complete their work requires quick receipt of reagents. For cloning and CRISPR-mediated genome editing, researchers have been using gBlocks Gene Fragments and want fast, easy ordering of their custom sequences. The gBlocks Gene Fragments Ordering Tool provides that. The ordering interface has a clean look and the tool includes functions that speed up the design and ordering process.

Bulk Input allows quick copy/paste loading of all sequences. Once uploaded you can test sequence complexity directly within the tool; you no longer need to go to a separate window.

The Base Count feature can be used to rapidly find where complexities and errors occur. You can then edit the sequence right within the Ordering Tool (Figure 1). Retesting sequence complexity is fast and ordering can proceed right away.

DOart49-PS-gBlocks GF Design Tool_Fig1

Figure 1. Quickly identify and edit sequence complexities and errors. This example shows how the gBlocks Gene Fragments Ordering Tool Base Count feature identifies complexities and errors. These sequence regions can then be directly edited.

Published Feb 26, 2015