Get the most out of your NGS samples—expandable tumor and disease target capture panels

xGen® Target Capture Pan-Cancer and Inherited Disease Panels

Product spotlight: Learn about expandable NGS target capture panels that enrich for mutated genes implicated in tumors and genes associated with inherited diseases. Designed in collaboration with experts from the Emory Genetics Laboratory and the Cancer Genome Atlas, both panels return consistent results with high reproducibility and deep uniform coverage.

For accurate and repeatable, targeted next generation sequencing of disease-causing mutations and 12 cancer types, begin your project with xGen Inherited Diseases Panel or xGen Pan-Cancer Panel.

Designed with experts from the Emory Genetics Laboratory and the Cancer Genome Atlas, IDT xGen target capture panels contain individually synthesized and quality controlled xGen Lockdown Probes that target genes and other sequence regions relevant to particular diseases or cancers.

With xGen sequencing panels you can:

  • Return consistent results with high reproducibility (Figure 1)
  • Obtain deep uniform coverage to enable accurate variant calling (Figure 2)
  • Spike into Illumina or Nimblegen panels to enhance their sensitivity
  • Easily expand these and other panels with specific custom xGen Lockdown Probes you chose

Achieve a higher level of performance. Learn more about xGen Target Capture Panels.

art44-PS-NGS-xGen Panels-Fig1
Figure 1. Consistent performance and high reproducibility with xGen Pan-Cancer Panel. A comparison of target-by-target coverage between 2 sample replicates captured using the xGen Pan-Cancer Panel shows excellent reproducibility, with an R2 value of 0.9013, demonstrating the consistent, high performance of the panel. The data shown are from 1M reads obtained by sequencing on the MiSeq System (Illumina) using 2 x 150 paired-end reads.
art44-PS-NGS-xGen Panels-Fig2
Figure 2. Highly uniform coverage from xGen Inherited Diseases Panel. Uniformity of coverage of the target regions is represented here as proportion of targets with >0.2 x mean coverage (blue), >0.5 x mean coverage (green) and >1.0 x mean coverage (grey). The data demonstrate that with a mean coverage depth of 100X, 99% of the targets captured using the xGen Inherited Diseases Panel will have >20X depth of coverage. Error bars indicate standard deviation from the mean.

Published Jul 22, 2015
Revised/updated Aug 24, 2016