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Increase the melting temperature of short, AT-rich primers and probes

Super T®—a duplex stabilizing, modified dT base

Add this modified base to increase the melting temperature (Tm) of primers and probes. It is especially useful when you need to work with short, A-T rich sequences.

Quick facts

Availability: DNA and RNA
5', internal, and 3'
100 nmol to large scale
Purification: Standard desalt or HPLC
Ordering (modification codes):
5Super-dT/, /iSuper-dT/, /3Super-dT/

Super T (5-hydroxybutynyl-2'-deoxyuridine; Figure 1) is a modified dT base that can be included in oligonucleotide primer and probe sequences to stabilize their hybridization. Super T base-pairing with dA during primer or probe hybridization provides an ~2°C increase in melting temperature (Tm) per Super T insertion. This Tm increase can be essential when working with short primers or probes that are AT rich.

The Super T modified base is extended normally by polymerases, including Taq polymerase.

Structure of 3'–3' or 5'–5' reversed linkages.
Figure 1. Structure of 3′–3′ or 5′–5′ reversed linkages.

How to order

To include Super T bases within your oligo, enter the IDT ordering symbol (/5Super-dT/, or /iSuper-dT/, or /3Super-dT/) in the desired location within your sequence. You can request Super T modified oligonucleotides with standard desalt or HPLC purification.

Published Dec 29, 2015
Revised/updated Aug 24, 2016