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Libraries of double-stranded DNA fragments

Accelerate development of recombinant genes or proteins

Product spotlight: Obtain double-stranded DNA fragment libraries that contain up to 18 consecutive N or K bases for generating up to 418 sequence variations.

With gBlocks® Gene Fragments Libraries, IDT expands its synthetic biology products line by offering 500 bp gBlocks Gene Fragments containing up to 18 consecutive N or K bases (see Definitions box, below). The regions of the gene fragments that are ordered as fixed sequences containing A, G, C, or T bases are sequence-verified, while a proprietary manufacturing method ensures homogeneous distribution of the variable N or K bases.

gBlocks Gene Fragments Libraries are the ideal tool to generate up to 418 sequence variations that could be used for a variety of functional screenings of nucleotide or peptide variants in numerous scientific applications. In addition, depending on the number of variations tested, gBlocks Gene Fragments Libraries can reduce the cost of an individual sequence to a fraction of $1 (USD) per construct.


N and K

Standard IUBMB (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) identifiers for unspecified or incompletely specified nucleotide bases, where N can be an A, G, C, or T base; and K is either a G or T base.

Published Dec 9, 2013
Revised/updated Sep 9, 2015